Switchblade 300 Loitering Munition Combat Use In Ukraine (Video)

Illustrative photo of Switchblade from open sources
Illustrative photo of Switchblade from open sources

Switchblade 300 is a suicide drone, which has actually been used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the russian army for a long time already

Ukraine’s defenders have published a video with the combat use of the Switchblade 300 loitering munition, showing extremely interesting details.

In particular, the drone is launched from a miniature mortar system with a small explosive charge, which shoots the drone to the desired height. At the same time, the Switchblade 300 is a quiet device, it is unlikely that the sound of its operation will have an unmasking factor.

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Another interesting aspect is the drone control, which is carried out through a tablet with a special curtain that helps to work in sunny weather. Also, the signal from the Switchblade is simultaneously transmitted to the laptop, which allows other fighters to monitor the work of the operator.

Defense Express notes that on the laptop screen it is possible to decipher the date of filming. If it was not deliberately changed to incorrect in the settings, the events take place a month ago - on April 26. At the same time, it is quite easy to explain such a time delay, the Special Operations Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine announced the use of Switchblade only a few days ago.

Therefore, it seems that the actual combat use of suicide drones has been going on for more than a month.

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