​Smart Bomber Drone Pigeon Can Recognize Infantry, russian Developer Says

Golub (Pigeon) bomber drone / Photo source: russian media
Golub (Pigeon) bomber drone / Photo source: russian media

This UAV can be armed with VOG grenades or a landmine and operates within a 10-km range

Stratim design bureau has revealed its copter-type unmanned combat aerial vehicle, a bomber drone named Golub (rus. for Pigeon). The novelty was presented at the HeliRussia-2024 exhibition, this is the first time it appears in public, russian media note.

The drone's primary role is to deliver bombs onto the targets on the ground, it can be armed with various payloads: either 12 VOG-series grenades attached to the cylinder under the drone's belly or a single 82mm mortar shell.

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Golub (Pigeon) bomber drone / Defense Express / Smart Bomber Drone Pigeon Can Recognize Infantry, russian Developer Says
Golub (Pigeon) bomber drone / Photo source: russian media

The most notable feature is that, according to the manufacturer, it integrates the so-called "machine vision" technology that is currently being actively explored by russian and Ukrainian attack drone forces. In this operating mode, the Golub UAV uses its camera to approach a specific location and hovers over the spot to release bombs. In addition, a neural network is integrated into its software, making the drone capable of automatically recognizing infantry.

Also, the developers claim that Golub's remote control system operates "in a frequency range that cannot be jammed" and therefore the drone is able to carry on with the mission in areas saturated with electronic warfare equipment.

Stratim says the Golub bomber drone is already being used by the russian invasion forces in Ukraine. They were supplied to the battlefield in test mode and now mass production is in plans.

Specifications of this drone are as follows: flight range is up to 10 km, ceiling is 500 m, maximum speed is over 40 km/h, payload capacity is up to 6 kg.

Earlier Defense Express reported that the russian manufacturers had presented a new drone mothership that is capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

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