russians Announce New Anti-Drone Development: Vogan-9SP Combat Drone

The russian T-90 tank was hit by an FPV drone
The russian T-90 tank was hit by an FPV drone

This drone moves at a speed of 200 km/h and operates in tandem with a radar station

The russian propaganda publication TASS, citing a representative of the company Red Line, reports that their "defense industry" has introduced a new drone designed to combat other drones. russia (like Ukraine) is paying increasing attention to this direction, considering the appearance of a greater variety of modifications of this weapon on the battlefield.

The single-use Vogan-9SP combat drone was presented at the Detection and Counter-UAV Technologies conference.

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Vogan-9SP combat drone
Vogan-9SP combat drone

From the technical specifications of this interceptor drone, it is known that it has a speed of about 200 km/h.

According to a company spokesman, the engagement process starts with a hostile drone being detected by radar, after which it is targeted using a laser designator. The pusher-propeller-driven Vogan-9SP takes off from a ground launcher angled at 45 degrees at the command of its operator. The quadcopter, once close to the target, apparently continues the engagement at least semi-autonomously.

Ukrainian FPV Drone Takes Down russian Zala Reconnaissance UAV

It is worth noting that Ukrainian Armed Forces have repeatedly demonstrated how they destroy drones like Zala or Orlan of the russian occupying forces using FPV drones.

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