​Russia Has Already Intercepted The GLSDB That Ukraine Doesn’t Even Have

The GLSDB / Photo credit: Saab
The GLSDB / Photo credit: Saab

The russian federation destroyed all Ukrainian equipment 4 times, including the announced pieces

The Ministry of Defense of the russian federation reports on the interception of Ukrainian GLSDB. But the thing is, Ukraine has not received it yet.

“18 rockets for the M142 HIMARS and 1 GLSDB were intercepted by the air defense forces during the day,” reads the report.

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Should be noted that it’s not the first time russian Defense Ministry “destroys” non-existent Ukrainian weapon. For instance, it was reported that russian army had destroyed 4 M2 Bradley IFVs in September, 2022. There is still no information wether these vehicles has arrived in Ukraine.

The GLSDB supply has been announced in February, 2023, but it is a part of Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative, so the weapons are ordered directly from Boeing and Saab.

The first GLSDBs will arrive no sooner than in 9 months, as they have to be produced first. Moreover, the GLSDB is a combination of only 2 existing components – the M26 rocket engine and the GBU-38 bomb. But it should not be excluded that the production of the GLSDB has started earlier or the technological circle is shorter than expected.

Still, russia continues to post illogical reports. According to official russian announcements, the russian federation destroyed all Ukrainian equipment 4 times, including the announced pieces. Specifically, 404 Ukrainian aircraft were shot down, 4.5 times more that Ukraine had, including transport and training aircraft as of 2021.

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