​RK-3 "Corsar", the Guerilla ATGM

​RK-3 "Corsar", the Guerilla ATGM

Let’s take a closer look at the guided missiles "Corsar" used by Ukrainian soldiers to ambush russian invasion forces

Since russian forces invaded Ukrainian territories, the defending forces have had to come up with ideas on how to stall the russian offensive and mitigate the overwhelming advantage in firepower.

One of the tactics widely used by Ukrainian forces and highlighted in world’s media was the guerilla warfare and ambushes on russian columns.

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Here below we have another video from the National Guard of Ukraine, the Ukraine’s gendarmerie that has been fighting along with the armed forces against russian occupiers.

The video features the servicemen nicknamed "Hulk" who is using "Corsar" missile system on a column of russian vehicles 2,5 km away from the fire position. The shot was performed on the edge of the missile’s claimed fire range.

The RK-3 "Corsar" is a Ukrainian-made portable laser-guided missile system. The 107mm missile is designed to hit primarily light-armored vehicles, as we see on the video. It has proved to be effective against BTR armored personnel carriers and BRDM scout vehicles.

This "Tiger" armored infantry mobility vehicle was destroyed with a "Corsar" ATGM / Photo credit: 28th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Yet according to the manufacturer, the "Luch" Design Bureau, RK-3 "Corsar" can also be as effective against heavy armor when equipped with a proper missile.

It has two options: a tandem hollow-charge RK-3K warhead piercing up to 550mm of armor or a high-explosive fragmentation RK-3OF warhead which is effective against concrete fortifications and light-armored objects and helicopters.

Photo & graphics: State Kyiv Desing Bureau "Luch"

The "Corsar" was seen used by small groups of Ukrainian soldiers in a "shoot-and-scoot" manner. As noted by Forbes, these tactics have caused much trouble for russian offensive forces in Ukraine.

Hit-and-run attacks and ambushes by highly-mobile units have reduced the strength of russian battalion-tactical groups.

Pentagon officials also noted the Ukrainian troops’ "creativity" in thwarting russian attempts to advance and highlighted the effectiveness they show when using anti-tank weapons.

The "Corsar" and a similar ATGM "Stugna-P" have definitely been used in a creative way. We have seen those installed on top of buggies and carried by amphibious vehicles to increase mobility.

RK-3 Corsar mounted on top of a buggy / Photo credit: SKDB "Luch"
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