Rare Ukrainian MLRS Eliminates russians: First Video of the System’s Combat Use

"Bureviy" MLRS / Photo from Defense Express's archive
"Bureviy" MLRS / Photo from Defense Express's archive

Ukrainian-made weaponry defends the country not worse than Western samples

This is the first video on the web to feature the combat use of the Ukrainian-manufactured "Bureviy" multiple rocket launcher against russian positions.

The 220mm "Bureviy" from "Shepetivka Repair Plant" state enterprise is a version of Soviet-made "Uragan" MLRS, modernized with a better fire control system and based on an armored Tatra T815-7T3RC1 chassis.

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The first mention of the Ukrainian Army using these rocket launchers appeared in early June, but it was spotted just moving around, no depictions of it actually working.

"Bureviy" multiple rocket launch system is 220mm-caliber rocket artillery which was designed to replace obsolete BM-27 "Uragan". Fire tests of the launcher system took place in November 2020, then in December, the manufacturer received a batch of Tatra chassis to complete the production.

Only 16 chassis were bought to manufacture 16 pieces of
According to some sources, only 16 chassis were bought to manufacture 16 pieces of "Bureviy". The number of units currently in service is unknown / Photo from Defense Express's archive

One of the system’s features is the digital control system which is accompanied by a combat communication system. This makes "Bureviy" a wholesome reconnaissance-and-strike complex; the collected intelligence data in online mode goes straight to the weapon systems. This minimizes the time from the detection of a target to the strike.

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