Rare Footage of Ukrainian Forces Clearing the Way with a Captured UR-77 Vehicle (Video)

russian UR-77 Meteorit mine clearance system / Open source illustrative photo
russian UR-77 Meteorit mine clearance system / Open source illustrative photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine has seized 15 such systems from russians already

Recently, a unique video appeared on the web: it shows Ukrainian troops using the UR-77 "Meteorit" mine clearance vehicle. The footage was published by the "USinfantryman" Telegram channel.

In the video, this Soviet system is used as intended: the UR-77 is designed to create breaches in minefields 6 meters wide and 80-90 m long by dropping forward two long line charges with explosive and triggering it.

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However, the russians were seen multiple times using those for another purpose. During the war in Ukraine, the explosive charges were dropped on Ukrainian defensive lines to neutralize ATGM-squads threatening to russian tanks.

Although these attempts to use the UR-77 like that were unsuccessful, and the russians abandoned the mine-clearing systems for good. Instead, the system got known as a weapon of terror since it was indiscriminately used against civilian infrastructure.

UR-77 Meteorit / Open source illustrative photo

According to the Oryx community, the russian army has lost 22 such vehicles since the start of russian invasion, including the 15 captured by the Ukrainian troops, two more abandoned and only five destroyed.

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