​How the russians Shot a Movie, or What was the Purpose of a Thousand Naval Mines Planted in a Single Spot

Photo credits: OperativnoZSU, Bratchuk on Telegram / Collage by Defense Express
Photo credits: OperativnoZSU, Bratchuk on Telegram / Collage by Defense Express

Explosives spotted while being planted by the russians the other day turned out to be intended for another propaganda material to show on russian TV

Yesterday, on October 1st, Ukrainian media got flooded with reports about some suspicious containers that were planted underground as they appeared in the drone footage published by Ukrainian soldiers.

Dozens of strange-looking spheres were put in a trench with an explosive charge from the UR-77 vehicle.

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This picture was captured by Ukrainian military, about a hundred of objects of unknown origin were being laid in a trech / Image credit: OperativnoZSU

Instantly, a suggestion appeared that those were containers with chemical weapons, and they looked like ones, indeed. Another variant was that it is some sort of a "conventional" trap against the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

However, it turned out to be preparations for the shooting of a propaganda movie, according to the latest reports. The explosives used were naval mines, most likely the MYaM contact mines.

According to the spokesperson of the Odesa region military administration Serhii Bratchuk, 24 tonnes of TNT were buried under ground in total. Considering that a single MYaM carries about 20 kg of explosive, the total number of mines exceeds 1,200 units.

And all that just to shoot a video of a "destruction of a Ukrainian ammunition warehouse with a single shot from a tank", which you can see below.

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