North Korea Tests Upgraded Precision-Guided 240mm MLRS Potentially Supplied to russia

During the tests, the M-1991 / Open source photo
During the tests, the M-1991 / Open source photo

Pyongyang effectively demonstrated how it transformed the standard 240-mm M-1991 MLRS into a precision-guided one. It is considered that this new weapon system is aimed at striking the capital of South Korea

North Korea has officially announced the successful testing of the updated 240mm multiple rocket launcher system, which took place on May 10th.

According to the report, the unnamed system received a new automatic fire control system, and these multiple rocket launchers will replace older models by 2026.

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It is noted that during the tests, a total of 8 missiles were launched, which successfully hit the designated target.

From Defense Express, it should be noted that the firing was conducted from the M-1991 MLRS, which features 22-tube launcher and an estimated range of 40-60 km.

During the tests, the M-1991, Defense Express
During the tests, the M-1991

It should be noted that the form of the 240-mm rocket itself does not differ from the standard one. Thus, the means of achieving high accuracy with a 240-mm rocket from North Korea remain in question, especially considering the justified skepticism regarding the actual capabilities of this rogue state.

Analysts in South Korea note that North Korea appears to be increasing the development of ballistic missile systems and missiles for them, seeking to increase their supply to russia for use in the war against Ukraine and double down on weapons tests targeting South Korea.

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