North Korea Sends 7,000 Containers Full of Munitions and Other Military Equipment to russia

KN-23 / Open source photo
KN-23 / Open source photo

South Korean Defense Minister Shin Won-sik revealed that North Korea has dispatched around 7,000 containers packed with ammunition and other military equipment to russia since last year

Shin Won-sik made this statement during a press conference held just hours after South Korean military officials reported that North Korea had launched short-range ballistic missiles into the eastern waters of the country.

The Sky News reports this.

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152mm shells from North Korea in possession of the russian army, Defense Express
152mm shells from North Korea in possession of the russian army, November 2023 / Open-source illustrative photo

The US and South Korea have previously accused North Korea of sending shells and other military aid to russia during the war — allegations that both russia and Pyongyang have denied, according to Sky News.

Shin said North Korea initially relied on ships but has increased use of its railways for cross-border arms supplies.

North Korean Hwasong-17 missile, Defense Express
North Korean Hwasong-17 missile / Open source photo

Pyongyang has likely received over 9,000 containers of aid in return for military support, he added.

Earlier, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin stated that russians have already fired at least 24 ballistic missiles (presumably, Kn-23/24) of North Korean production at Ukraine.

KN-23 and KN-24, Defense Express
KN-23 and KN-24 / Open source photo

Previously, Defense Express discussed the detailed photos of a missile from the DPRK that was used to hit Kharkiv and became the evidence of deepened ties between russia and North Korea.

Defense Express also reported that a Ukrainian study showed, that Warhead of North Korean Missiles Weighs Up to 1,000 kg But the Fire Accuracy is Low.

In addition, we also discussed the main supply routes and storage facilities for North Korean weapons in russia, in particular, about the supposed storage location of ballistic missiles from North Korea.

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