​Minister of Digital Transformation Showed the Work of New Ukrainian PARASOL EW System

The PARASOL system / screenshot from video
The PARASOL system / screenshot from video

The PARASOL system protects positions and equipment with two variants, invisible to enemy electronic warfare

The PARASOL is a trench electronic warfare system developed by Brave1 cluster participant MixSteel. This system comes in two modifications tailored for distinct purposes: one safeguards military positions against russian drones, while the other shields equipment from drone interference. A standout feature of the PARASOL system is its stealth capability, evading detection by russian EW systems.

The PARASOL 01 system, the first variant, secures military positions by neutralizing russian FPV drones within a 200-meter radius. On the other hand, the PARASOL 02 variant focuses on safeguarding equipment, seamlessly integrating into onboard networks to jam drones within the same range.

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Noteworthy advantages of the PARASOL system include its user-friendly interface, making operation remarkably straightforward, and its short learning curve, allowing personnel to master its operation within 10 to 15 minutes.

The government has already inked contracts with MixSteel, procuring both variants of the PARASOL system. These systems are actively deployed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, bolstering their electronic warfare capabilities.

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