Long-Range Ukrainian Strike Drones, Which are Hitting Targets Deep Inside russia

Illustration: OSINT analyst H I Sutton
Illustration: OSINT analyst H I Sutton

Ukraine is increasingly employing kamikaze drones, utilizing them for extended-range attacks on strategic targets deep inside russia as well

This serves several purposes. The targets themselves, such as oil storage sites and airfields, are of strategic importance. Additionally, it stretches russian air defenses, forcing some to be deployed far away from the front lines.

In the publication by OSINT analyst HI Sutton, several variants of Ukrainian OWA-UAVs, informally known as kamikaze drones, are listed, which Ukraine uses to strike the rear of the aggressor.

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Initially, Ukraine leveraged commercially available drones such as the Chinese built Mugin-5. Mugin-5 UAV was used in August 2022 to attack the Black Sea Fleet headquarters in Sevastopol and other strategic targets. These have been superseded by Ukrainian produced designs.

Mugin-5, Defense Express
Mugin-5 crashed in Crimea, February 2023

UJ-22 Airborne

The Ukrjet UJ-22 Airborne is a single engine drone which can either carry an internal warhead or several air-dropped bombs. Payload is up to 20 kg. At about 3.7 meters long and a wingspan of 4.2 meters, it is one of the largest OWA-UAVs known to be in service. Range is reported as 800 km.

The UJ-22 is confirmed to have been employed in attacks on Moscow, including in February 2023.

UJ-22 Airborne, Defense Express
UJ-22 Airborne


A sleek-looking OWA-UAV based on the RZ-60 target drone. It has a comparatively shorter range of 300 km and a small warhead of just 3 kg. It is launched with the aid of a rocket and can achieve a respectable 290 kmph.

UJ-25 Skyline

The UJ-25 Skyline is essentially a weaponized development of the Ukrajet UJ-23 Topaz target drone. It is a jet powered type with generally stealthy lines and distinctive forward swept wings. Few details are available. At least one has been reported in russia.

UJ-25 Skyline, Defense Express
UJ-25 Skyline

UJ-26 Beaver

One of the better known types, the Beaver (Bober) has a distinctive canard layout with sleek fuselage and inverted tail. The type was introduced in 2023 and has reportedly entered mass production. Range is in the order of 1,000 km and payload is reported as 20 kg. This type has been used to attack Moscow and other targets in russia.


Lyutyy is relatively large with a traditional UAV construction. It has a passing resemblance to the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2, but not in detail. It is apparent from photographic evidence that Lyutyy is related to the pre-war Antonov AN-BK-1 Horlytsia (Turtle Dove) design.

Lyutyy, Defense Express
Lyutyy crashed in Nizhny Novgorod, Jan 31 2024, and reference model

AQ-400 Scythe

The Terminal Autonomy AQ-400 Scythe is a volunteer project which has entered serial production. It has a crude box-like fuselage and tandem wings with distinct end plates on the forward set. Range is slightly shorter than some other types, reported at 750 km but payload heavier at 32 kg. Payload can reportedly be increased to some 70 kg with a reduced range.

Unnamed types

Unnamed Types: Several downed UAVs, including an unidentified type that might be the latest Ukrainian-made kamikaze drone.

All photos by OSINT analyst H I Sutton

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