Estonia to Donate East German 122-mm D-30 Howitzers to Ukraine to Fight Against russia

D-30 howitzers which are about to be shipped to Ukraine
D-30 howitzers which are about to be shipped to Ukraine

Eventually, the transmission of D-30 howitzers from Estonia to Ukraine was unblocked by Germany as an initial seller, which will help to fight against russia

Estonian government officially informed about sending 122-mm D-30 howitzers to Ukraine. These are exact howitzers, which Germany prohibited to ship to Ukraine on February 24.

The country had the right for it, since the howitzers once belonged to East Germany. However, russia’s atrocities in Ukraine have changed Berlin’s mind completely.

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In addition to howitzers shipment, this “military aid” includes anti-tank missiles (most likely for Javelin), anti-tank mines, probably anti-tank grenade launchers Carl Gustaf and disposable grenade launchers, also automatic weapons, grenades and protective ammunition. A total of 220 million euros.

Finally yet importantly, Germany’s position might let us expect that Ukraine will get heavy weapons of "Soviet standards" from the armed forces of the former East Germany.

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