Dramatic Results of NLAW And russia’s T-72 Encounter (Video)

Explosion footage
Explosion footage

NLAW anti-tank weapon was created especially to destroy tanks of the russian army, that’s why it’s so popular among Ukraine’s servicemen when they fight russian occupants back

The 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade soldiers showed in a drone video the consequences of the NLAW anti-tank weapon strike. Just a reminder, that Ukraine received several thousand of them before the russian invasion.

"The cumulative missile penetrated the T-72's armor from above and destroyed the target, the crew was instantly annihilated. The tank burns from inside, the smoke goes even through the barrel of the gun. Then in a few seconds ammunition detonated, the enemy T-72 exploded and its turret was torn off and thrown a few meters away”, the report says.

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Real shots turned out to be much more spectacular than any computer graphics of Hollywood blockbusters, it’s hard to disagree with that.

Dramatic Results of NLAW And russia’s T-72 Encounter (Video), Defense Express, war in Ukraine, Russian-Ukrainian war
Ilustrative photo from open sources

Defense Express notes, that NLAW was specially designed to destroy Russian tanks, taking into account all their features. Swedish Saab, the developer of this ATGM, used russian T-72 tanks as targets on simulators. That’s why NLAW has such impressive effectiveness, because the cumulative jet penetrates the tank from above, causing a fire and detonation of ammunition.

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