Ukrainian Ground Drone Successfully Seizes russian Orlan-30 UAV (Video)

Ukrainian Ground Drone Successfully Seizes russian Orlan-30 UAV (Video)

A Ukrainian ground drone seizes a trophy and transports a russian Orlan-30 reconnaissance drone to the Ukrainian military positions

In a video published on social media, Ukrainian military demonstrated the operation of a ground UAV that captured the russian Orlan-30 unmanned aerial vehicle

The russian Orlan-30 UAV was forced to make an emergency landing due to interference from electronic warfare tools.

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The reconnaissance drone landed between the positions of russian and Ukrainian forces. After this, Ukrainian military personnel deployed a robotic platform that remotely extracted the spy drone from its landing site.

During the evacuation process of the enemy UAV, a Ukrainian aerial drone observed, and the video from it likely assisted in adjusting the movements of the ground drone.

The Orlan-30 UAV system is designed for aerial reconnaissance and monitoring of both ground and water objects around the clock in all weather conditions. The Orlan-30 drone can fly for five hours straight, reach a maximum speed of 170 kilometers per hour, and achieve a soaring altitude of up to 5,000 meters.

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