​Ukrainian EW Manufacturer Commented on Appearance of Drones With Machine Vision On Battlefield

FPV drones are changing combat capability of tactical military units
FPV drones are changing combat capability of tactical military units

Such drones having elements of artificial intelligence, are already used by both the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the russian invaders

At the beginning of this year, a video of the russian occupation army using FPV drones with machine vision and automatic target acquisition appeared online. Although such updates lead to an increase in the cost of the FPV drone, they significantly expand its capabilities and allow for less preparation time for the operator. At the same time, this reduces the effectiveness of the dome EW against enemy drones.

With this in mind, today the question of how Ukrainian manufacturers of EW equipment react to the appearance of such drones is relevant. "Currently, we do not see a problem here, as well as a scale use of such drones by the enemy. There is currently more talk about this than the enemy's use of such drones," Oleksiy Chernyuk, deputy general director of the Ukrainian company Kvertus (part of NAUDI — the National Association of Ukrainian Defense Industries), noted in a comment for Defense Express.

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russian occupiers are working on improving their own FPV drones, Defense Express
russian occupiers are working on improving their own FPV drones / Open source photo

The interlocutor emphasized that today "EW tools follow drones" - that is, some new modifications of certain drones appear, and only then do EW manufacturers work on solving this problem.

"Therefore, we will follow exactly the same path here. Currently, there is not enough information on how to deal with this problem, because it has not yet acquired a large-scale character," the representative of Kvertus notes, emphasizing that as soon as the problem becomes actualized, the engineers of this company will definitely find ways to solve it.

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