Ukrainian Army receives 40 Kozak-2 light armored vehicles

Photo by Practika
Photo by Practika

The Ukrainian Army received its next batch of 40 Kozak-2 4×4 light armored vehicles on 12 December.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have officially inducted into service the next batch of 40 new Kozak-2 4×4 light armored vehicles, the Practika company announced on 12 December.

The Kozak-2 is a light multi-role vehicle based on an Iveco Eurocargo highly adaptable chassis and includes a v-shaped armored hull to protect the crew against anti-personnel mines or other explosives. It also uses suspended seats, and a collapsible sandwich structure in the floor to deflect and absorb mine blasts.

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НВО «Практика»
Photo by Practika

Designed for high mobility operations, both urban and rural, Kozak-2 can carry a crew of 10, a driver and a commander with 8 deployable dismounts. The vehicle fitted with a turret, capable of mounting up to a 12.7mm machine gun.

Kozak-2 was developed in 2015 to meet a Ukrainian Army need for an armored wheeled vehicle that could provide armored and mine protection.

Currently, 240 vehicles in 3 variants are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies.

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