Ukraine Will Recieve Military Ships for “Grain corridor” Functioning Support

Photo for illustration
Photo for illustration

This was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky at the Grain from Ukraine Conference

According to Zelensky, Ukraine considers the creation of a “grain corridor” in the Black Sea without Russia’s participation one of the greatest achievements of the year. Ukraine is also working to ensure the safety of cargo ships that follow this corridor.

“We have agreed with partners and will accompany the ships at sea to ensure their safety. We already have concrete agreements with several states,” the president said.

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Zelensky stressed that the needed boats are already being transferred to Ukraine. Deliveries of such boats will continue in the future.

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Photo for illustration

The head of state also added that the Odesa region will be protected by additional air defense systems, on which Ukraine has already agreed with partners.

It is currently unknown how many and what type of boats Ukrainian sailors will receive to ensure the safety and convoy of cargo ships “along the grain corridor.”

The Ukrainian Navy plans to create a full-fledged mine countermeasures division. Which is needed, in particular, to ensure the safety of civil shipping.

Currently, the Navy already has two minesweepers of the Sandown-class “Chernihiv” and “Cherkasy,” now temporarily located in the UK.

“Chernihiv” and “Cherkasy” minesweepers went to sea under the Ukrainian flag, January 2023. Photo - Dave Cullen
“Chernihiv” and “Cherkasy” minesweepers went to sea under the Ukrainian flag, January 2023. Photo - Dave Cullen

According to the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Oleksiy Neizhpapa, “Chernihiv” and “Cherkasy” will be the first to take part in operations on mine safety in the Black Sea and the sea demining to protect civilian shipping.

In its turn, the Netherlands will transfer two Alkmaar-class minesweepers to Ukraine for mine disposal. The Ukrainian Navy is expected to receive these ships in 2025.

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