Ukraine to supply engines for turkish next-generation cruise missile

Ukraine to supply engines for turkish next-generation cruise missile

Ukraine will supply advanced missile engines to Turkey, for new cruise missile with deep-strike capability

The news agency Defense Express, quoting the ProZorro public procurement platform, reported that SE Ivchenko-Progress signed a number of contracts for the purchase of cutting-edge aircraft engine components for the new AI-35 turbojet engines that will equip new Turkish cruise missiles.

SE Ivchenko-Progress designed the AI-35 engine family to power high-speed unmanned aircraft systems and advanced cruise missiles.

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According to the news agency, the AI-35 engines should be delivered to Turkey, where they are going to be used in the production of new cruise missiles. Relevant information, in December last year, during a visit to the enterprise of the former Minister of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine Tymofiy Milovanov, said the director of the enterprise Igor Kravchenko.

“We make AI-35 for the Turks. This is for a cruise missile. Now we have a contract signed for this engine,” said the director of Ivchenko-Progress during the presentation of new projects.

Currently, Turkey is developing a new cruise missile under the Gezgin program. Information from the open sources has indicated that new missiles will be similar to U.S.-made Tomahawk and will have a modular design.

The Gezgin project is designed to de­velop conventional long-range strike capa­bilities for naval platforms. This new missile is thought to have a range capability of approximately 1,000 kilometers.

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