​The Defense Intelligence of Ukraine Reveals the Details of the A-50U Aircraft Downing

The A-50U aircraft on fire / screenshot from video
The A-50U aircraft on fire / screenshot from video

The loss of A-50U weakens russia’s ability to conduct operations in the region

The Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reports the downing of a russian A-50U airborne early warning and control aircraft on February 23, 2024, near Primorsko-Akhtarsk on the Sea of Azov.

The A-50U aircraft’s last takeoff occurred on February 23, 2024, at 15:50 from Akhtubinsk airfield, intended for terrorist actions near Primorsko-Akhtarsk – Zernograd.

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The abrupt cessation of the Shmel radar system’s operation aboard the A-50U aircraft in the specified area was recorded by the electronic warfare stations of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine at 18:45.

Confirmation of damage to the modernized A-50U AEW&C aircraft of the russian Aerospace Forces comes from intercepted radio conversations of the Su-35 cover crew. One pilot reports observing air defense activity, flashes and explosions.

Further evidence of the successful joint operation between the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Air Force includes orders to cease missions for two Su-35 aircraft and three Su-34 aircraft of the russian Aerospace Forces. These aircraft were conducting operations near Millerovo village, with some intended for airstrikes near Avdiivka.

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