The Defenders of Ukraine Destroyed russian Occupiers' Convoy Led by Tank Shed (Video)

Destroyed russian tank with "shed" / Video screenshot
Destroyed russian tank with "shed" / Video screenshot

The Defense Forces of Ukraine destroyed russian occupiers` convoy of armored vehicles in the Eastern Ukraine

It is known that the armored convoy with russian invaders was led by a tank with a welded multi-layer steel protection against kamikaze drones, called a shed.

This was reported by the military blogger "AZOV_UA_NATO_USA" on his page on X social network. He released a video edited from footage taken by drones at the end of the battle.

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The video shows five broken armored vehicles of russian invaders in the field, three of them are burning heavily at the end of the video, including the tank with "shed". At first, the tank was just standing there, and when a kamikaze dron hit it from behind and exploded, it started to burn.

Earlier Defense Express reported that North Korea had supplied russia with 50-year-old ammunition.

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