​The Defenders of Ukraine Destroyed russian Murom-P Surveillance System (Video)

russian Murom-P surveillance system / Open source illustrative photo
russian Murom-P surveillance system / Open source illustrative photo

Ukrainian warriors of Stalevyi Kordon Brigade detected and successfully destroyed russian Murom-P surveillance system with kamikaze drone in Kharkiv sector

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported about the destruction of russian Murom long-range visual surveillance system.

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"Border guards destroyed the enemy Murom system. With the help of such a camera, the enemy was monitoring the movement of the Defense Forces of Ukraine. We continue to work on. Glory to Ukraine!” the statement reads.

Murom-P is russian development. It has a long-range video camera and thermal imagers, and one of the kit versions also comes with radar. The system is said to be capable of detecting objects of the types "car" and "person" in the following range characteristics: the day camera can detect and recognize a car 10,000 meters away, or a person from 8,000 m; the thermal camera spots a car within 6,900 m and a person within 2,700 m, recognizes them from 4,800 and 1,500 meters respectively, in the most basic version.

Earlier Defense Express reported that the first motorbike with a cope cage was destroyed.

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