Surprise for the Enemy: Ukraine Uses GLSDB in Combat for the First Time

The GLSDB precision-guided bomb / Photo credit: Saab
The GLSDB precision-guided bomb / Photo credit: Saab

It seems that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have received the long-awaited GLSDB precision-guided bomb and, instead of announcements, immediately started surprising the enemy

A video has surfaced online, filmed by russian occupiers, capturing the wreckage of a new type of weaponry that was launched towards their positions.

Among the wreckage placed in a cardboard box, a rather unconventional square-shaped element with control surfaces and a barcode stands out significantly.

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In it, it is quite easy to recognize the tail section of the GBU-39/B Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) precision-guided bomb. It is part of the GLSDB guided munition along with a rocket engine from the M26 unguided rocket projectile. Additionally, if we exclude the possibility that Ukraine received SDB bombs, then there are no other options left except GLSDB precision-guided bomb.

The GLSDB precision-guided bomb, Defense Express

Taking into account that from the bomb itself, nothing remains except the tail section, we are also talking about the first successful combat use of the GLSDB guided munition by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and, in general, the first combat use of this system in the world.

For it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that were supposed to become the first operator of the GLSDB. Because for Ukraine military, this system was ordered under the USAI program by the US government, and the expected delivery date for the first batch coincides with the first quarter of 2024.

And the absence of official announcements regarding the transfer of weapons, that is, a surprise for the enemy, is much better than announcing new long-range capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Remind that the GLSDB is a highly precise munition. The GLSDB (Ground Lanched Small Diameter Bomb) allows destroying the enemy at a range of up to 150 km.

It represents a novel long-range guided missile, integrating cruise-guided aerial bomb capabilities with the launch motor of existing legacy systems. It has increased power and accuracy, featuring a warhead weight of 90 kg – four times that of the current GMLRS ammunition in use.

The GLSDB maneuvers like a guided cruise missile on a complex trajectory, making it exceptionally challenging to intercept. These new guided munitions, with their potent warhead, serve a versatile purpose, capable of demolishing bunkers, radars, and air defense systems.

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