Stugna ATGM Destroys Enemy Mortar Unit (Video)

Illustrative photo from open sources
Illustrative photo from open sources

Ukraine’s Sturna ATGM is working on the russian occupiers

The Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to remind that the Stugna anti-tank missile system is perfectly destroying the equipment and manpower of the Russian occupation army.

Soldiers of the 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade are demonstrating their professional work in destroying enemy mortar units.

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Thus, the calculation of the Stugna ATGM first waited until all the occupiers gathered together and descended into the trench, and then hit them. According to the time of the missile's flight, it can be concluded that the target was at a distance of more than 4 km.

As a result, the enemy mortar was destroyed, as well as seven occupiers.

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