​russians Seek Place Where HIMARS Cannot Reach in Kherson to Hide 40 Vehicles At Once

​russians Seek Place Where HIMARS Cannot Reach in Kherson to Hide 40 Vehicles At Once

And also continue their typical activities – steal food and watercraft

The russian army continues its preparations for the imminent counteroffensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Kherson. The occupation forces are actively fighting against Ukrainian telecom and are looking for places to hide their equipment from shelling.

According to the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine, the russians in Kherson are actively searching for underground facilities that can be turned into a bomb shelter.

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The occupiers are actively searching for bomb shelters in Kherson / Illustrative photo

In particular, the occupiers were observing underground beneath the Kherson Cotton Plant for a place to hide 40 pieces of military equipment, and during the inspection of the tunnels they stole all the food and water supplies that were stored there for the company's employees.

Kherson Cotton Factory

At the same time, in the occupied Chornobaivka, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine recently destroyed the command center of the russian 22nd Army Corps, the occupiers are actively "fighting" against the telecommunications networks of those Ukrainian providers who refused to cooperate with them: switching cabinets are dismantled, fiber-optic and copper cables are cut.

Also, in Antonivka, the occupiers are actively gathering all available kinds of watercraft, including inflatable boats and mattresses.

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