russian Forces in Ukraine Utilize Amoeba Tactics, Reports Estonian General Staff

Open source illustrative photo
Open source illustrative photo

russia is employing what are known as amoeba tactics in Ukraine. Due to a lack of strength for a comprehensive breakthrough, smaller forces are testing enemy defenses across the entire front line, hoping to find an opportunity

This was stated by the Chief of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces, Major General Enno Mõts, reported by ERR.

russia has ramped up attacks on Kharkiv, and moscow propaganda channels are urging it be wiped from the map.

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Major General Enno Mõts , Defense Express
Major General Enno Mõts / Photo credit: ERR

Mõts said it is a miracle the city still stands, as it lies not far from where the war is being fought. The general described it as an attempt by russia to widen the front line and force Ukraine to spread out its defenses.

"The russians are using what we may describe as amoeba tactics. Whether consciously or not, but they lack the strength for a major breakthrough, which sees them test the lines everywhere, with disregard for the lives of their soldiers and their machinery, hoping they might get an opportunity. It is their modus operandi not just on the battlefield, but also globally we might say," he explained.

The general added that while russia can bomb Kharkiv, it lacks the strength to take the city.

Strike on Kharkiv on March 20, Defense Express
Strike on Kharkiv on March 20 / Photo credit: State Emergency Service of Kharkiv Region

"They might fight their way through the city once, but holding it requires a lot more troops. And that is what the russians are lacking today. While we can see russia making more troops for itself – it's a fact that it has more troops in Ukraine today than it did two years ago – their level of training and command is low, somewhere around the squad-company level. They've been trying to combine company-level armored assaults in recent weeks, but we've only seen a few such attempts," he said.

russia trying to wear out Ukraine and the West. "I would clearly point out that the goal is not just to destroy the Ukrainians' will to defend themselves, it is to cause fragmentation in the West as rebuilding Ukraine will need a lot of resources, while resources are already being spent on the war. Creating such dilemmas disrupts Ukraine's supply and may deliver setbacks where support is withheld altogether. Western activity has been split into three parts: Western countries have to develop their own defenses, they have to make sure NATO plans work, and they also have to support Ukraine. It comes together for one considerable headache. The political decisions are difficult," the EDF general said.

Photo credit: The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
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