Pentagon reportedly awards contract to Ukrainian company for new radar system

UkrOboronProm courtesy photo
UkrOboronProm courtesy photo

The U.S. Department of Defense has contracted Ukrainian Iskra company, part of the UkrOboronProm, to supply the new radar system.

In a recent interview with Opk.com.ua, Iskra’s chief designer Dmitro Semenov said that a few days ago, another contract was signed for the supply to the United States of radars developed by a Ukrainian company.

“We have a successful experience in supplying radars to the United States. As far as we know, these radars are actively used and customers are completely satisfied with the quality of the delivered products,” Dmitro Semenov told Opk.com.ua in an interview. “Moreover, our cooperation with American partners is expanding: just a few days ago, another contract was signed for the supply of our radar systems to the United States.”

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36D6M1 mobile radar, Defense Express

Ukraine already supplies its air-defense radar systems, including the newest 36D6M1-1 3D mobile radar, to the U.S. Army.

According to the ImportGenius website that tracks the import/export activity at shipping docks, the U.S. Army Contracting Command received the 36D6M1-1 3D mobile air-defense radar system from Ukraine in 2018.

The mobile 3D air space surveillance 36D6-M1 radar is designed to be used as a part of modern automated Air Defense systems, Anti-Aircraft Missile Complexes and to detect low flying air targets under active and passive jamming as well as to provide Air Traffic Control both for military and civil purpose.

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