​No Ammo For Training: the Largest Training Ground in russia Is Nothing But Facade (Video)

Firing training for the mobilized is only "for a picture" / Open source photo
Firing training for the mobilized is only "for a picture" / Open source photo

russian mobilized military personnel found itself in a situation where the largest shooting range in the russian federation as big as Monaco cannot provide sufficient training for them

Mobilized troops stationed near Moscow are critical of the training provided by the russian army command, because the latter decided 15 ammo is enough for every one of them while the main focus is on basic infantry skills such as marching and stationery drill.’

In open sources, a recent video shows a russian mobilized soldier "attacking" an officer, but there are some more facts that will help to understand the entire picture of what is going on at russian camps.

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First of all, the events of the video take place at the overhyped "Park Patriot" military center which was built under the patronage of russian defense minister Shoigu. The location was disclosed by the infamous "russian armed forces temple" caught by the camera, and the marching drill is carried out at the parking lot.

The looks of the "Park Patriot" training center, with an Orthodox Cathedral of the russian armed forces / Photo from the official website

The main complaint of the mobilized is that they don’t get any marksmanship training and have only walked into a tank training ground to shoot out 15 bullets per person at a "conventional enemy", i.e. it wasn’t even a target shooting.

It looks very strange considering that the "Park Patriot" has the biggest firing range in whole russia – the so-called "Multifunctional firing center". According to the Center’s official website, there are 29 galleries with a total area of 2.5 square kilometers which is slightly bigger than the area of Monaco.

The galleries of the
The galleries of the "Multifunctional firing center" / Photo from the official website

Also, the park has a specialized sniper range for shooting at distances up to 2 km. These are not just galleries, but required equipment as well: proper targets, control and record systems, etc.

Firing ranges in the Park Patriot highlighted in red, tank training grounds in yellow
Firing ranges in the Park Patriot highlighted in red, and tank training grounds in yellow / Open source photo

That said, the park itself is a property of the ministry of defense of the russian federation and was created with the purposes, aside the funds embezzlement and propaganda, of ensuring pre-conscription training and training in case of a mobilization.

Why the russian actual mobilized personnel is not being trained there? There could be several explanations. First, there is simply not enough ammunition for all the mobilized. Various sources say more than 300,000 troops have joined the ranks of russian army, however, the reason might be not the shortage of ammunition but adherence to Soviet standards of training mobilized replenishment to the army.

The second variant is that russian command is well aware of the real lifespan of these mobilized troops in real combat, and thus not willing to waste resources to prepare them properly. Especially reluctant the higher-ups are to the idea of peasants entering the profitable facility: because this firing range was made as solely commercial project for those who feel like making a few shots from an AK or SVD gun, or even "war like ancestors" with good ol' PPSh and DP.

A list of WW2-era guns offered for a try at the training center / Info from the official website

Anyway, this entire "Park Patriot" with all the training looks like a fiction or facade to pass the document check but unable to be of any use when it comes to actually preparing mobilized soldiers before they depart for the war of aggression in Ukraine.

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