Luxembourg Contributes to Artillery Coalition: How Many Caesar Howitzers Ukraine to Receive

Caesar self-propelled howitzer / Photo credit: NEXTER
Caesar self-propelled howitzer / Photo credit: NEXTER

The artillery coalition continues to operate and allows even countries with minor Armed Forces to strengthen Ukraine

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is not a powerful country in terms of the Armed Forces. There are 900 servicemen in its Armed Forces, but this does not prevent this country from actively supporting Ukraine with weapons.

It is worth noting that this small country, which is the smallest NATO member, transferred 75 million euros worth of weapons to Ukraine in 2022. This is 16% of the country's defense budget. NLAW Anti-tank guided missiles, RPG-7 rocket launchers, artillery ammunition, HMMWV trucks and drones were delivered.

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The country is also a member of several specialized coalitions, including the F-16. At the same time, Luxembourg does not have its own fighters, but all NATO's AWACS E-3A Sentry aircraft are registered there. And learning how to interact with airborne early warning and control aircraft is a mandatory skill for F-16 pilots.

Although it is possible that Luxembourg simply made a monetary contribution. Just like now, when it has made a contribution of five million euros to transfer the Caesar self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine. At the same time, Luxembour has no large-caliber artillery at all.

This was officially announced by Luxembourg Ministry for Defense, following a meeting between Minister for Defense Yuriko Backes and her French counterpart, Sébastien Lecornu.

It should also be noted that France formally leads the artillery coalition thanks to Paris' initiative to produce 78 Caesar self-propelled howitzers by Nexter (KNDS) for Ukraine in 2024. As of the beginning of the year, the Armed Forces of Ukraine had 49 howitzers. 30 were provided by France and 19 by Denmark.

The number of howitzers that can be produced for Ukraine explains by successful scaling of production. In particular, in early April, it was reported that Nexter produces six howitzers per month, instead of two, as it was until 2022.

Earlier Defense Express reported that Sweden had become the first country that allowed Ukraine to use its weapons against russia's territory.

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