Key Component Revealed in Successful HIMARS Strike on russian Training Ground in Kherson Region

Key Component Revealed in Successful HIMARS Strike on russian Training Ground in Kherson Region

The high-precision strike on the training ground of the russian occupiers in the Kherson region became possible thanks to the work of the Shark reconnaissance drone by Ukrspecsystems

The successful strike by HIMARS rocket system on the occupiers at the training ground near Podo-Kalynivka, Kherson region, resulting in the destruction of dozens of invaders from the 328th Airborne Regiment, the 810th Brigade, and the 810th Guards Naval Infantry Brigade of the russian Armed Forces, serves as an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of precision weaponry.

The work was quite effective, at least 60 of the invaders will definitely not return to their combat positions.

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But when it comes to the capabilities of precision targeting, it is essential to remember that it becomes possible only through obtaining accurate coordinates of the target. In the case of personnel destruction during formation, the crucial aspect was the real-time transmission of accurate target coordinates to the striking assets.

And it was precisely this that was implemented thanks to the Shark UAVs from Ukrspecsystems (a part of NAUDI), as reported by the company itself.

Such a strike became possible due to the drone's ability to accurately determine the coordinates of the target over the enemy's training ground, which was precisely covered by electronic warfare and air defense means.

Moreover, in the video, it is clearly visible that the strikes against the russian occupiers were sequential and extended over time. Throughout this period, an unnoticed Ukrainian UAV hovered over the enemy's training ground.

Recall that Shark UAV, which debuted in 2022, can stay in the air for up to four hours, has a communication range of up to 80 km, and is equipped with a camera with 30x zoom.

SHARK reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle, Defense Express
SHARK reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle / Photo credit: Ukrspecsystems
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