How Much a TRML-4D Radar for IRIS-T Air Defense System Costs, Ukrainian Contract Shows

The TRML-4D on the MAN HX77 chassis / Photo credit: Hensoldt
The TRML-4D on the MAN HX77 chassis / Photo credit: Hensoldt

The German radar shows great results in the hands of Ukrainian forces

German Hensoldt company has been awarded a new order for the supply of TRML-4D radars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These sensors are primarily used as part of the IRIS-T SLM medium-range air defense systems that have been downing russian cruise missiles since last autumn.

According to the contract worth more than €100 million, Ukraine will receive six TRML-4Ds, which is approximately 16.6 million per radar, as follows from the official statement by Hensoldt.

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The radars will be delivered "in the second half of the year" after the training for Ukrainian air defense systems operators.

The TRML-4D is not a novelty to the Armed Forces of Ukraine already – so far, the Ukrainian military has four of them inactive service, the first one arrived in October 2022. Earlier this year Bloomberg noted the high effectiveness of the IRIS-T system that helped Ukraine intercept more than 90% of air threats with the help of the TRML-4D radar.

Now Ukraine has already two IRIS-T systems, and Germany plans to supply even more. The recently announced new big military aid package from Germany includes four additional IRIS-T systems, and two more were already in production. This way Ukraine should have eight IRIS-T systems in operation in the coming years.

Undoubtedly, it will require more radars, so Hensoldt in the meantime is making more TRML-4Ds. With this new contract included, Ukraine is expecting 12 TRML-4D radars in total, all pledged to come by the end of this year.

IRIS-T SLM launcher on duty in Ukraine / Photo credit: Air Force of Ukraine
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