​Denmark Pledges $815 Million in Military Aid to Ukraine, $349 Million for Air Defense

Danish F-16 aircraft / open source
Danish F-16 aircraft / open source

Funding focuses on air defense, artillery and domestic weapons production

The Danish government has officially announced a new aid package for Ukraine, amounting to 5.6 billion kroner, or approximately 815 million dollars.

These funds will be used to purchase air defense systems, artillery systems and anti-tank mines, and are also tied to Denmark’s provision of the F-16 multirole fighters. Of the total, 349 million dollars are specifically allocated to bolster air defense. Additionally, a portion of the funds will be directly invested in the production of weapons within Ukraine.

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“It makes sense to produce weapons where they are used and by those who use them. This is also about the future defense capability of Ukraine. Ukraine has the skills, but lacks funding. We hope that more countries will be inspired by this model of assistance,” Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said.

Defense Express notes that the specific air defense systems involved have not been disclosed. However, the earmarked funds suggest pre-existing contracts or contributions to procurement, especially since Denmark does not produce air defense systems.

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