Defense Express’ Weekly Review: Baltic Fleet of russia Prepares to Accept Three New Kalibr Missile Carriers, S-400 Takes a Hit from Ukrainian HIMARS Rocket

A small missile ship (corvette) of Project 22800 Karakurt / Open-source illustrative photo
A small missile ship (corvette) of Project 22800 Karakurt / Open-source illustrative photo

Digest of Defense Express on the main events of the week

Baltic Fleet of russia Prepares to Accept Three New Kalibr Missile Carriers, the Possibility of Transfer to the Black Sea

Two Karakurt-class and one Buyan-M–class corvettes with a total capacity of 24 cruise missiles are about to get commissioned to the russian navy.

Besides, according to the recent disclosure from the Ukrainian Defense Intelligence service, the russians wanted to transfer its Serpukhov missile corvette of the Buyan-M class from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea but the plans were disrupted by a fire breakout on this ship.

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Serpukhov corvette of the Buyan-M class, Defense Express
Serpukhov corvette of the Buyan-M class / Open-source illustrative photo

What is the Real Reason Why russia Relocates Missile-Carrying Submarines to Crimea

Serhiy Bratchuk, spokesman for the South Volunteer Army, notes that the russians use submarines for missile launches, which surface ships cannot perform. He noted that the Ukrainian military monitors the situation closely.

Illustrative photo

Bratchuk described the submarines as “floating scrap metal with Kalibr missiles” destined for their final journeys. He mentioned that out of four enemy submarines in Novorossiysk, three are missile carriers. The russians prefer submarines because they can launch missiles directly from the Black Sea without entering open space.

Magura V5 Practices Overcoming Boom Barrier as It Sinks a russian Tugboat (Video)

Defense Intelligence of Ukraine has presented another video showcasing the operation of Magura V5 naval drones against russian military vessels near Crimea. The attack was carried out on the night of June 6th, 2024, with the target being either Saturn or Protey roadstead tugboat of Project 498 class.

Magura V5 naval drone, Defense Express
Magura V5 naval drone (unmanned combat surface vehicle) / Illustrative photo

KM-SAM Overtakes russian S-400 in Middle East: Iraq Chooses Korean Air Defense System

KM-SAM, a.k.a. Cheongung-II, from South Korea, is actively conquering the market of Arab countries. After the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Iraq favors the system over other analogs.

KM-SAM Block 2 (Cheongung-II), Defense Express
KM-SAM Block 2 (Cheongung-II) / Open-source illustrative photo

At the moment, there's no official information regarding the ongoing negotiations but according to Army Recognition, Baghdad is interested in procuring eight KM-SAM batteries (fire units) in the Block 2 version (alternatively known as Cheongung-II), which also features anti-missile defense capabilities.

"Looks Almost Fine": S-400 Takes a Hit from Ukrainian HIMARS Rocket

Missile strike of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has found its target, the S-400 surface-to-air anti-aircraft system deployed near the Belgorod city of russia, a few dozen kilometers from Ukraine's border. Smart rockets launched by an American M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) hit the russian equipment several days after the United States decided to lift the ban on using its weapons for strikes inside russia.

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