Deep Rear russian Repair Base Gets Struck Days After Receiving Batch of Weapons

A cloud of smoke after an incident at a facility where russian military equipment had been spotted the other day
A cloud of smoke after an incident at a facility where russian military equipment had been spotted the other day

Fire on a repair base in Berdiansk testifies to the fact there is no safe place for the russian army on the occupied territories of Ukraine

Dark smoke rising from a former plant in the temporarily occupied city of Berdiansk in southern Ukraine was reported on the afternoon of August 27th by Ukrainian authority official Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol.

There is no follow-up on the cause of the fire at the facility. Fedorov wrote on his social media that "locals heard no explosions" and published photos from the site.

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Mayor also mentioned that Berdiansk city residents saw russian occupation forces bring military equipment into one of the buildings of a former heavy machinery plant. Specifically, in the Koloniia microdistrict, according to local communities on Telegram.

These sources say there is an entire repair base deployed on the closed plant territory. Some photos from the premises were published previously. Although the authenticity could not be confirmed, these photos indicate russians could repair damaged artillery systems there.

The effectiveness of the Ukrainian intelligence and data coordination system once again manifests in the supposed strike on this facility just days after another batch of russian equipment arrived.

Especially considering that Berdiansk is located almost 100 km from the current frontline which makes it unreachable for most of the weapons available to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, except for the Storm Shadow missile, for example.

Earlier Defense Express reported how the Ukrainian forces' HIMARS launched a precision strike on russian manpower during their training in the occupied territories of the Kherson Region, 50 km away from the frontline. And the info for that strike was also provided by local Ukrainians currently living under russian occupation.

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