Closure of russian Colonies: Prisoners Sent to Front Lines in Ukraine

Photo credit: The Center of National Resistance
Photo credit: The Center of National Resistance

russia plans to close at least 57 penal colonies due to low inmate numbers. Initially, the Kremlin attributed this to the decriminalization of certain articles of the russian criminal code

The Center of National Resistance reports that the main reason for the decline in the number of prisoners is the mass deployment to fight the war against Ukraine.

Some do it voluntarily, falling for the promise of having their convictions annulled and big money. However, most of them do not even see the contracts signed for them by the “overseers”.

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Those contract soldiers who get to the front by signing a document in prison live no more than eight months. This is a whole month less than those recruited by the Wagner PMC had time to fight.

russian occupiers, Defense Express
russian occupiers / Open source photo

The Center of National Resistance reminds that convicts should stay in prison. And if he wants to fight in Ukraine, he will soon be dead.

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