​Andrzej Duda: Poland Is Ready to Host Nuclear Weapons on Its Territory

Illustrative photo / open source
Illustrative photo / open source

The relocation of russian nuclear assets to Belarus has heightened security concerns in Poland

President of Poland Andrzej Duda has stated that the country is prepared to host nuclear weapons on its territory if requested by its allies. In an interview with Fakt, Duda emphasized Poland’s commitment to NATO’s security, particularly its eastern flank, and expressed readiness to participate in joint nuclear sharing initiatives to bolster regional stability.

Andrzej Duda highlighted ongoing discussions between Poland and the United States regarding the possibility of hosting nuclear weapons, noting that this has been a topic of negotiation for some time. He cited russia’s military buildup in Kaliningrad region and its recent relocation of nuclear assets to Belarus as factors contributing to Poland’s consideration of hosting such weapons.

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Illustrative image Defense Express Andrzej Duda: Poland Is Ready to Host Nuclear Weapons on Its Territory
Illustrative image / National Resistance Center of Ukraine

“We are an ally within the North Atlantic Alliance, and we have responsibilities in line with this partnership,” Andrzej Duda remarked, “therefore, we are aligning with a collective approach to reinforce security in our region.”

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