Ukraine Will Produce Parts and Assemble German Vector UAVs

Vector reconnaissance drone / Illustrative photo credit: Quantum-Systems
Vector reconnaissance drone / Illustrative photo credit: Quantum-Systems

The Ukrainians already have hundreds of these aerial drones in operation, and they will become more numerous and better, based on real warfare experience

The Ukrainian Defense Forces are actively using the Vector drone, a product of the German company Quantum-Systems, on the frontlines of the war against russia. In spring 2023, the manufacturer opened the Service, Support, Training, and Logistics Center (SSTLC) in Ukraine This facility's primary focus is training drone operators to use Vector, however, it also provides repairs and manages the procurement of necessary spare parts.

Now, Quantum-Systems is establishing a dedicated Research and Development (R&D) center on the basis of the SSTLC, DOU.ua reports. According to the company representative Oleksandr Berezhnyi, part of the SSTLC work is inherently linked to R&D, so in the end, they decided to create a separate department.

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Vector reconnaissance drone
Vector reconnaissance drone / Illustrative photo credit: Quantum-Systems

The company is actively seeking specialists for the new center to work on both software and hardware aspects.

The work priorities at Quantum-Systems include:

  1. Development and integration of Controlled Reception Pattern Antennas (CRPA) resistant to electromagnetic interference.
  2. Improvement of data transmission channels.
  3. Implementation of artificial intelligence systems for navigation and target recognition.
  4. Development of additional functions and handy utilities suited to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and drone operators particularly.

The plan is to initiate the production of spare parts for Vector reconnaissance drones in 2024, with a goal to organize full assembly in Ukraine by 2025. This strategy aims to enhance the company's ability to promptly repair and later supply drones for the Ukrainian military.

Quantum-Systems mentions that Ukrainian forces are currently operating "hundreds" of Vector UAVs, though specific numbers are not provided. The official aid fact sheet from the German government indicates that as of December 14, 152 Vector reconnaissance drones have been delivered to Ukraine. The company also notes that several dozen Vector drone operators graduate their training course every month.

Side note, while speaking of the Vector UAV, we should highlight this drone as a prime example of how Western developers enhance their weaponry based on battlefield experiences.

For instance, earlier The New York Times wrote about a problem that suddenly made all Vector drones fall from the skies. As it turned out, the russians were suppressing the signal link between the UAV and the satellite, prompting Quantum-Systems to add manual control options and develop AI-powered software to address the issue.

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