​Ukraine to Get American Bradley IFVs to Overcome Tens of Thousands of russia’s Mobilized Personnel

The Bradley IFV / Photo credits: DoD US
The Bradley IFV / Photo credits: DoD US

An anonymous high-ranking official of the U.S. Department of Defense says the first batch of U.S. Bradley infantry fighting vehicles is expected to arrive in Ukraine in the "relatively near future", within weeks

That is according to Voice of America, Ukrinform reports.

"In the last announced package of weapons, we focused on providing the Ukrainians with capabilities that they can use immediately to change the balance of forces on the battlefield," the anonymous representative of the Pentagon told the Voice of America on Monday.

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The Bradley IFVs, Ukraine to Get American Bradley IFVs to Overcome Tens of Thousands of russia’s Mobilized Personnel, Defense Express
The Bradley IFVs / Photo credits: DoD US

At the same time, he noted that Russia tried to strengthen its positions on the entire front line with tens of thousands of mobilized personnel after suffering serious losses in Bakhmut. However, these soldiers are "poorly equipped, poorly trained, and rushed into the battlefield."

The representative of the U.S. DoD also confirmed that despite Russian offensive efforts, the Ukrainian troops continue to successfully defend themselves, in particular, in Bakhmut direction.

Bradley APCs were spotted in Poland being transported by rail recently

As reported, in two large-scale packages of military aid, the United States announced the transfer of more than 100 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Currently, the Ukrainian military is undergoing several weeks of training on vehicles in Germany.

Defense Express reported earlier, that Pentagon revealed which version of Bradley IFV Ukraine is about to get.

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