Taiwan to Send 800 Units of the Revolver 860 Mine Throwing Drones to Ukraine – Bild

The Revolver 860 droone / Illustrative picture from open sources
The Revolver 860 droone / Illustrative picture from open sources

When fully loaded this flying mortar covers 20 kilometers in 40 minutes

The Revolver 860 mine throwing drone can carry up to eight 60 mm mines or ammunition of other calibers and drop them one by one on command. The manufacturer states that the UAV can be modified to carry 81 mm and 120 mm mortar rounds, it weighs 42 kg and is 1.35 m in diameter.

It was called as a "flying mortar" because of the drone's revolving drum-like bomb bay. When fully charged, the drone can cover a distance of 20 km in 40 minutes.

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Information about 800 units of the Revolver 860 possible delivery to Ukraine first appeared on the Internet a few days ago, there is no official confirmation of it. However, the manufacturer acknowledged that its products had been delivered for combat in Ukraine and that they "should have already participated in battles."

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