Russia’s Surface-To-Air Missile Systems Versus HIMARS Clash Recorded On Video in Kherson

russia's S-400 launch / Illustrative photo from open sources
russia's S-400 launch / Illustrative photo from open sources

While russia’s propagandists verbally shoot down GMLRS missiles for HIMARS, the reality turned out to be completely different

The so-called “one-of-a-kind” russia’s SAM systems showed their real effectiveness in combat. Especially, taking into account russian propaganda’s statements that HIMARS missiles are shot down in bundles.

Another episode with a spectacular strike on the Antonivskyi bridge near Kherson was caught on video, it shows the launch of surface-to-air missiles that should have intercepted GMLRS missiles for HIMARS. Unfortunately, there is no information on when exactly this video was made, but, given the words of the commentators behind the scenes, this is definitely one of the last strikes.

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The video clearly shows a series of launches from several SAM systems. It is impossible to accurately identify the type, as the launch itself was not caught on the video, to see the nature of shots and make guesses about the type of the SAM system.

But according to the relatively short-term operation of the anti-aircraft missile engine, it might be either Pantsir, or Tor or special 9M96 missiles of the S-400.

In any case, the task to defend the bridge was not completed. In any case, one more interesting fact is the last SAM launch, which takes place after all GMLRS hits. That is, russian air defense system lacks not only the accuracy to intercept such targets, but also the reaction speed of the complexes themselves. In particular, according to public information it takes up to 8 seconds to launch the 9M96.

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