​Russian Boomerang Missile: Air Defense System Hit Itself

​Russian Boomerang Missile: Air Defense System Hit Itself

"Treat others the way you want to be treated" principle was demonstrated by the russian armed forces with an unsuccessful air defense missile launch

The russian army is beginning to experience notable problems with the functionality of military equipment. The following video footage is the second one in recent days showing the malfunction of missile weapons. In other words, there are many more such cases out there.

This time around, "something went wrong" with an anti-aircraft missile, which lost its initial target immediately after launch, turned almost 180 degrees and hit the ground. This incident happened near occupied Alchevsk city in eastern Ukraine. Videos were shared by OSINT community InformNapalm.

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Russian Boomerang Missile: Air Defense System Hit Itself
The trajectory of the missile is clearly visible in this screenshot / Credit: InformNapalm

Given the angle at which the launch was made, the video most likely features the "Buk" surface-to-air missile. We can also see three other missiles launched just before that.

And the location of this complex indicates the presence in the city of important objects for the russian army. These might be headquarters, control centers, a logistics railway hub, or a point where combat units are concentrated.

The situation is quite similar to the previously reported launch of the Iskander ballistic missile, which collapsed mid-air mere seconds after the launch near Belgorod, russia:

In general, such failed launches are a good indication of the relatively low reliability of russian missile arsenal. Its efficiency is presumably about 40%. This outcome is explained by the use of outdated technologies, drastic shortages in production, improper storage and operation.

At the same time, russia has no quick way of managing these shortcomings in the conditions of war. These problems continue to grow and increase in scale due to the high intensity of the use of weapons and high-tech equipment.

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