Five Scenarios For the Deployment of French Troops in Ukraine - Le Figaro

Leclerc tanks
Leclerc tanks

Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that Paris does not rule out sending its troops to Ukraine. This idea has been partially supported by other European countries. French Senator Cédric Perrin added that the decision to deploy troops should be made in consultation with NATO countries

The publication Le Figaro outlined five possible scenarios for sending NATO troops to Ukraine, UNIAN reports. It is noted that some scenarios are entirely viable.

Scenario 1: France establishes factories in Ukraine

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Within this plan, Paris can construct factories for the production of weapons and servicing of armaments. However, this scenario has some issues. One of them may be too large bills from insurance companies, which makes it unlikely.

VAB (Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé), Defense Express
VAB (Véhicule de l'Avant Blindé)

Scenario 2: Military personnel will be engaged in demining and training

In this case, France will train Ukrainian soldiers directly in Ukraine and will also assist in clearing Ukrainian territory of explosive devices. Currently, the French army is involved in training the Ukrainian military personnel in France and Poland.

Scenario 3: Defense of Odesa

France could take an active role in the defense of the Ukrainian port city. The point is that Macron fears that the russians will seize the Black Sea port, which in turn poses a threat to France. He also fears that the war will spill over into Moldova.

French soldiers in Estonia, Defense Express
French soldiers in Estonia / Photo credit: mil.ee

Scenario 4: The French army creates a defense zone

This concerns the creation of buffer zones by French troops to assist Ukrainians.

Nicolas Tenzer, a lecturer at Sciences Po University in Paris, believes that such zones could be established in liberated territories - on the Belarusian border, in Kherson or Kharkiv.

"This way, it could signal to the russians to refrain from further advancement. Moreover, they could also protect civilian areas, which are regularly become targets of the russian army," Tenzer noted.

The AMX-10 RC is a French-armored fighting vehicle, Defense Express
The AMX-10 RC is a French-armored fighting vehicle

Scenario 5: Trench Warfare

This plan involves direct involvement of French troops in combat on the Ukrainian front. However, this scenario is the least realistic as it is "equivalent to declaring war on russia."

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