Russian Propagandists Being In the Rear Keep Filming "Video From the Front Line" About the Successful Offensive

The screenshot from the video
The screenshot from the video

For this scene production, russians found an abandoned mine, ran dodging imaginary bullets, made a scary face and shouted loudly about the attack

In order to imitate success on the front, russians use everything: they take videos of Ukrainian soldiers hitting russian equipment and manpower, edit old recordings, passing them off as new ones. But now the level has risen and reached the category of "feature film".

In particular, one of the most popular Telegram channels in russia, which has more than 1 million subscribers, decided to feed its audience with just such a genre.

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The "action film" was released under the title "Vicious battles on the approaches to Belogorovka". In the plot: a "military correspondent" who makes his way through an industrial building. Bending over from the bullets, he courageously talks about how russians advance. But there is one aspect: the video was shot in the rear.

This was noticed by the well-known Def Mon OSINT researcher, whose team geolocated the city of events and quite accurately identified it as the Privilnyansk mine near Lysychansk.

Russian Propagandists Being In the Rear Keep Filming

This mine is located 8 km from Belogorivka itself, moreover, several kilometers behind the very positions of russians, according to OSINTers.

Russian Propagandists Being In the Rear Keep Filming

At the same time, the fact that propagandists need to shoot such "productions" already says a lot about the real state of affairs on the battlefield. Moreover, it fully demonstrates that russian audience is completely undemanding and russian propagandists can shoot entire blockbusters about the offensive somewhere on abandoned industrial sites, the nearest forest or simply in the yard of their own house.

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