What For and How Many russians Will be Mobilized by putin and shoigu (Analysis)

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russian president vladimir putin on September 21 signed a decree on "partial mobilization," which will kick off immediately. After that russian Defense Minister sergey shoigu has announced that 300,000 reservists would be mobilised in russia

According to the decree on "partial mobilization", the sweep will cover only those citizens who are in military reserve, primarily those who have served in the ranks of the armed forces, having acquired certain military accounting specialties and relevant experience, said the russian president.

Putin declares partial mobilization in Russia, Defense Express
putin declares partial mobilization in Russia

putin said that conscripts would undergo additional military training before being sent to their bases.

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He also stated that russia would recognize the outcome of the "referenda" on "accession to Russia", which the leaders of the "LPR/DPR" and local collaborators in Kherson and Zaporizhia regions decided to hold this month.

After that russian Defense Minister sergey shoigu has announced that 300,000 reservists would be mobilised in Russia.

"During the partial mobilization, a total of 300,000 reservists will be called up," he said, adding that conscripts and students will allegedly not be mobilized.

RF Minister of Defense Sergey Shoigu
RF Minister of Defense sergey shoigu

"Russia has a huge mobilization resource, almost 25 million people, a little more than 1% are subject to partial mobilization," said he.

As reported, in the weaker of Ukraine's counteroffensive in Ukraine's east, "LPR/DPR" leaders and collaborators in the Russian-captured territories of Kherson and Zaporizhia regions said they would hold "referenda," scheduling them for September 23-27.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that any such illegitimate "referendum" will be null and void, and called on international partners to strongly condemn russia's intention to hold an illegal vote, introduce new sanctions, and recognize russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Leaders of Western powers have already declared that they will not recognize the outcomes of sham referenda.

Analysis on the situation by Defense Experess

With today's speech, Putin actually recognized the systemic problems of the russian government and the army, signed off on bad management and wrongly formed goals.

The emphasis of the speech was on the fact that russia is not at war with Ukraine, but with the entire collective West and NATO, however, the war is being waged exclusively against Ukraine.

During eight years of training the russian army, planning a full-scale invasion of russian troops into Ukraine, a plan was developed, forces and means were determined, which did not succeed more than during six months of active combat actions.

Russian BTR-82A, that was destroyed by Ukrainian troops, Defense Express
Russian BTR-82A, that was destroyed by Ukrainian troops, photo ArmyInform

The number of losses significantly exceeded all calculations and expectations. The involvement of the existing reserves of the russian Armed Forces in the war against Ukraine did not change the situation either. Accordingly, today, putin announced a partial mobilization, during which it is planned to mobilize 300,000 people. That is, the great russian federation, whose army was considered the second in the world, cannot without mobilization defeat Ukraine, which is many times smaller and did not prepare for war at all until 2014.

putin accuses Ukraine of "crimes" against the civilian population, but the whole world sees crimes committed on the territory of Ukraine by russian servicemen. Bloody, terrible crimes.

Killings in Ukrainian city of Bucha are clearly war crimes, Defense Express
Killings in Ukrainian city of Bucha are clearly war crimes

The crimes of the Russian army in Izum are terrifying, Defense Express
The crimes of the Russian army in Izum are terrifying

For more than 20 years of his rule, putin was unable to create the minimum necessary living conditions for the vast majority of citizens of the russian federation, unable to rationally populate and use the vast territories of the russian federation, protect the citizens of the russian federation from the arbitrariness of officials, from crime and numerous other internal threats. Why does he need new territories if he is unable to cope with what he already has? How can he protect the citizens of another country if he is unable to do so for his own citizens?

Intimidation of the world with the use of nuclear weapons is actually a recognition of one's powerlessness and inability to achieve one's goals by any other means.


By introducing mobilization, putin signed off on his inability to deal with Ukraine.

Mobilization will not bring victory to putin - even the better-prepared personnel army of the russian federation is already drained of blood in Ukraine. It's just a clear act of desperation.

The regime will tighten the screws, restrict civil rights, and return real Stalinism to russia. putin decided to throw the russians, who did not give him their consent, into the meat grinder of war. Now the war will enter a larger number of russian families.

putin is saving not russia, not the residents of Donbas, but himself personally - at the cost of the lives of hundreds of thousands of russians and Ukrainians.

putin is exposing russians to a full-scale war with the West through his senseless adventure in Ukraine.

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