Forbes Estimated How Much russia Has Spent on War With Ukraine Since Feb. 24

 Photo for illustration / Source - General Staff
Photo for illustration / Source - General Staff

Russia has spent $82 billion on war During nine months of its full-scale invasion of Ukraine. This is a quarter of its annual budget

According to the Forbes, in the fall, russian military spending doubled. Now the war is taking at least $10 billion a month from the russians. This was influenced by partial mobilization — 30 000 recruits will cost Russia an additional $1.8 billion per month.

After mobilization, the total cost of salaries for the military fighting in Ukraine is approximately $2.7 billion. Accordingly, the costs of arming and equipping soldiers have increased, as well as compensation payments — for each dead soldier, his family should receive 7.4 million rubles (approximately $110 000).

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За дев'ять місяців Росія витратила на війну $82 млрд – це чверть її річного бюджету. Наступного року РФ може її не потягнути. Розрахунки Forbes /Фото 1

A significant part of the costs falls on missile attacks. Over the course of 9 months, Russia fired more than 4 000 missiles at Ukraine. The average cost of one russian missile is $3 million. And the russians spent more than $5.5 billion on artillery shells.

The losses of the russian aviation in terms of money amount to $8 billion. And the total value of the lost equipment during the nine months of the war is almost $20.8 billion.

In addition, according to the Oryx project, Ukrainian defenders captured at least 1 953 units of russian heavy weapons. The total value of these trophies is almost $2 billion, without light weapons and ammunition.

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