​Approached Without a Single Shot: Ukrainian Elites’ Raid Tactics

Illustrative photo credit: Volodymyr Zelensky on social media
Illustrative photo credit: Volodymyr Zelensky on social media

Ukrainian special forces reveal some details about the counter-offensive activities they launch against russian occupation forces

Special Operations Detachment "KRAKEN" of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has revealed an interview with a serviceman of russian intelligence that got captivated during a military operation in eastern Ukraine.

The operation itself took place on July 12 – 13 in Bilohorivka, Luhansk region – the territory occupied by russians at that moment. The "KRAKEN" detachment published a video, showing the key stages of the Ukrainian counter-offense: artillery preparations (wiping out local russian headquarters, vehicles and fire positions), and the armed raid itself.

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Bilohorivka assault KRAKEN
The location of Bilohorivka. According to open source data, it is currently seized by russian occupation forces / Map credit: Deep State UA / Edit: Defense Express

And now, we have an opportunity to get some details from the perspective of the seized russian soldier who was stationed in Bilohorivka on the day of the raid.

The captive russian serviceman is a scout of russian military intelligence special forces / Screenshot credit: KRAKEN

According to him, on July 13 while being on an observation post, he only noticed the approach of Ukrainian forces when they had already entered the settlement. The reason is, the "KRAKEN" detachment had scouted out all the enemy observation points beforehand and managed to take them silently:

"The observation posts were neutralized with melee weapons, namely, a knife," the russian scout said. He hadn’t heard any shots: "I only noticed them approaching Bilohorivka, when they were on the outskirts already."

Some of the russians left the settlement as soon as Ukranian forces started the assault / Screenshot credit: KRAKEN, Stratcom Center

According to the Ukrainian forces, one of russian elite units retreated from the town during the raid – the 24th Separate Guards Special Purpose Brigade. The group of the captured scout was entrapped without support and laid down their weapons.

The final stage of the raid was the evacuation of the wounded and withdrawal. "KRAKEN" say they destroyed 60 russian personnel and five vehicles. We know that there were several tanks of the russian 90th Tank Division and IFVs of the 15th Motor Rifle Brigade.

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