What Is Special About the Ground Master 200 Radar and the ControlMaster 200 System That Ukraine Is Ordering for the Second Time?

Ground Master 200 radar (GM200)
Ground Master 200 radar (GM200)

Although the Ground Master 200 radar (GM200) is the main component, it is important that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive a complete ControlMaster 200 system, which is a ready-made solution for air defense, including mobile units

The Armed Forces of Ukraine can expect another ControlMaster 200 (CM200) air defense system from Thales.

As reported by the French defense giant, Ukraine, under the aegis of the French Ministry of Defense, has signed a contract for such a system, which will be the second in service.

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It is worth noting that the involvement of the French Ministry of Defense suggests that, as with the previous order for the first system in February 2023, the purchase is likely financed as part of an aid package.

In this context, it is worth noting that the ControlMaster 200 system, which is based on the Ground Master 200 radar, reflects the modern trend of multi-tasking radars and is considered an advanced solution. In addition to the radar, the system includes a ControlView control center and a communication system.

The primary feature of the ControlMaster 200 is its seamless integration with mobile strike groups assigned to counter threats such as Shahed drones and, to the extent possible, cruise missiles.

And of course, the foundation is the Ground Master 200 radar, which, although capable of detecting all types of targets, specializes in low-altitude ones.

The instrumental range of this radar is determined to be up to 250 km in one rotation every 3 seconds and up to 100 km in one rotation every 1.5 seconds. The capabilities of this AESA radar with digital beamforming, operating in the S-band (frequency band 2-4 GHz, wavelengths 15-7.5 cm) using GaN (gallium nitride) technology, allow for the effective detection of low-altitude, low-observable, and even slow-moving (from 15 m/s) targets, such as drones.

At the same time, the question arises as to where to transmit this detailed information collected by this radar, how to analyze it, manage it, and distribute targets among destruction assets. That's why it's not just about manufacturing a radar for Ukraine, but specifically the ControlMaster 200 system, where this task is handled by the ControlView command and control (C2) center.

Thales explicitly states that it is the core of their overall ground-based air defense system, ForceShield, which scales to encompass all means of engagement, ranging from MANPADS to long-range SAMs.

However, the system can alternatively be focused solely on short- and medium-range air defense assets or even on mobile firing units, consolidated into a unified system under the guidance of a single center, ensuring real-time information exchange.

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