Ukrainian Military Told How Many Targets Were Destroyed, Hit In Two Months by FPV Drones in Just One Brigade

Hitting the target with an FPV drone / Screenshot from the UA Military Flight team video
Hitting the target with an FPV drone / Screenshot from the UA Military Flight team video

In the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade "Kholodnyi Yar" revealed the statistics of defeating the enemy with such a modern means of defeat as the FPV-drone. In the data released by the representatives of the brigade, the ratio of destroyed and damaged targets is interesting

The press service of the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade "Kholodnyi Yar" has published a representative infographic. It presents in detail how many targets were hit and destroyed within two months (September-October of this year) by two groups of FPV drones (Black Raven and Signu) operating as part of the brigade.

What is interesting in this infographic is, first of all, that the brigade detailed not only the general statistics, but also separated the damaged targets from the destroyed ones, which is important primarily because it is not always possible to write down damaged equipment in the destroyed category, because the enemy can drag it to the rear and repair.

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In particular, the number of destroyed and wounded Rashists was distributed as follows — 31 occupiers were destroyed, and another 45 were wounded. In addition, 9 enemy dugouts and 1 enemy UAV pilot position were destroyed by FPV drones.

Drone pilots were less likely to hit self-propelled artillery systems (1 destroyed and 2 damaged) than towed guns (8 damaged). In addition, the destruction of 2 enemy mortars was recorded, 5 more were damaged. Four enemy warehouses with ammunition were also destroyed.

The figures illustrating the damage to armored vehicles are also telling, because in all cases the damaged equipment is much more than destroyed, which is in principle understandable given the small combat part of FPV drones.

But also damaged weapons with the help of cheap FPV drones is a great result of the work of the military. The brigade declares that 17 enemy tanks, 7 IFVs, 2 APCs and 2 more MT-LB tracked armored vehicles were damaged within two months. Four IFVs, 1 armored personnel carrier and 2 MT-LB tracked armored vehicles were also destroyed. A total of 28 vehicles were damaged, while 7 vehicles were destroyed.

The situation with automobile equipment is similar — 14 units of automobile equipment were destroyed so far, and another 43 units were damaged. In addition, one air defense system was damaged by FPV drones' crews of the brigade, 2 automatic grenade launcher/ATGM/machine gun fire positions were also destroyed and one was damaged). Also, the servicemen of the brigade damaged one EW system and destroyed one surveillance camera with the help of FPV drones.

As Defense Express reported, best russian anti-drone system Tor-M1 was got hit with FPV drone.

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