​Ukrainian Military Gives Real Feedback About the Rage Robot

The Rage robot / screenshot from video
The Rage robot / screenshot from video

Designed to attack and defend, the Rage robot offers vital support to Ukrainian troops

The Brave1 defense technology cluster received valuable feedback from the military regarding the Rage ground robotic platform. Insights from the battlefield provide a clear picture of the platform’s development and effectiveness, enabling continuous improvement of the technology.

The Rage robot is deployed to attack russian positions and support Ukrainian defenders during assaults. The military praised its ease of operation and highlighted its robust radio and video communication, as well as its effective targeting and automatic fire capabilities in both day and night conditions.

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The Rage robot enables the military to repel enemy assaults while remaining under cover. It can also be used defensively as a mobile firing point that maneuvers around positions, fires from multiple locations or serves as an observation post. The manufacturer has now secured investments, received a state order and is scaling up production.

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