​Ukrainian Marines Show the Work of Domestic Valkyrja UAV, Offering Advantage in Reconnaissance Operations (Video)

The Valkyrja UAV / screenshot from video
The Valkyrja UAV / screenshot from video

The marines demonstrate the easy operation and valuable contributions of the domestic UAV

Ukrainian defenders recently showcased the deployment and launch process of domestic reconnaissance drone called Valkyrja. Specifically, the Griffin unit of the 501st Separate Marine Infantry Battalion demonstrated the unique features of operating this Ukrainian drone.

“Attention! The Valkyrja UAV is operational, ensuring that the russian occupiers cannot evade our surveillance. This drone has already proven its worth on the frontlines, known for its simplicity and reliability in reconnaissance missions,” the unit stated.

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Key advantages of this drone system include its low radar visibility, impressive flight range and swift deployment capabilities, with the entire process from preparation to launch taking as little as 5 minutes.

A video released by the marines showcased the setup and launch procedures, revealing the drone’s unassuming external appearance despite its advanced capabilities.

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